Betrayed by a Jersey Hoe

Betrayed by a Jersey Hoe

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Betrayed by a Jersey Hoe

Contributor(s): Alexander, Sonovia (Author)
ISBN: 1722986875   EAN: 9781722986872
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform     
US SRP: $7.99 US   
Binding: Paperback: 184 pages
Pub Date: July 11, 2018
Annotation: A friend is supposed to be someone that supports you, listens to you, whom you can trust, and be there for you when nobody else is. Nothing hurts worse than being betrayed by someone that you allowed into the private parts of your life. This is a story about someone I thought was a "friend" but turned out to be a backstabbing enemy that exploited my family and stretched the truth. Pinky's friendship is a lesson learned.
My name is Snow and this is the truth about a failed friendship and how she has become the enemy. Pinky used me to attempt to advance her career. What she doesn't know is, I'm God's child and cannot be harmed!
I am a force to be reckoned with! Trust and believe, she aint READY! Failing to listen to my true friend's advice, I allowed Pinky into my life. She is a " leech friend" that was ever so eager to "fit in" to my family and learn about my life. Pinky, the devil herself, wanted my family to be her own all while plotting out my demise.
"Pinky, I'm coming for you! Snowflakes fall, but never in the wrong place!" -Snow
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