Cloud-Based Microservices: Techniques, Challenges, and Solutions by Rajasekharaiah, Chandra

Cloud-Based Microservices: Techniques, Challenges, and Solutions

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What This Book is

What This Book is Not

Chapter 1: Case Study: Energence Co.

Managing Production and Distribution

Hardware and Software Infrastructure

Monolithic Software Solutions

Growth Opportunities and Objectives

Next Steps

Further Related Reading


Points to Ponder

Chapter 2: Microservices: What and Why?


Microservices Architecture in a Nutshell

Successful Implementation of Microservices

Orchestration and Choreography

Microservices Migration Plan for Energence

Breaking a Monolith into Modules

Breaking Modules into Sub-modules

Establishing Microservices Architecture

Advantages and Gains with Microservices

Further Related Reading


Points to Ponder

Chapter 3: Architectural Challenges

Identifying and Classifying Challenges

AC1: Dispersed Business Logic

AC2: Lack of Distributed Transactions

Orchestrated Domains

Choreographed Domains

AC3: Inconsistent Dynamic Overall State

Challenges in Exchanging Data between Microservices

Problems with Sharding

AC4: Difficulty in Gathering Composite Data

AC5: Difficulty in Debugging Failures and Faults

AC6: The v2 Dread - Difficulty in Evolving

Further Related Reading


Points to Ponder

Chapter 4: Overcoming Architectural Challenges

Service Catalog

Sagas (Long-Running Transactions)

Ignoring Errors

Compensating Errors Inline

Compensating Errors Offline

Implementing Sagas

Maintaining Global States

The Scenario of Dynamic Overall State

Intermittent-Peek Option

Always-Listening Option

Other Options and Larger Questions

Centralized View


Contract Testing

Further Related Reading


Points to Ponder

Chapter 5: Process Changes

Continuous Integration

Build and Integration Environments

Automated Testing

Performance Testing

Continuous Delivery

Infrastructure as Cod


Further Related Reading


Points to Ponder

Chapter 6: Cloudification - Strategy

Overall Setup for Microservices in Cloud

Networking and Connectivity

Regions and Zones



Databases and Traditional Datastores

Special-Purpose Datastores

Cost Analysis


Points to Ponder

Chapter 7: Cloudification - Core Concepts

Virtualization and Containerization

Container Orchestration

Service Meshes

Traffic Control

Establishing and Securing Communication

Building Overall Observability

Challenges and State of the Art of Service Meshes

FaaS, aka, Serverless

Storage and Integration Services

Storage Services

Integration Services

Further Related Reading


Points to Ponder

Chapter 8: Securing Microservices on Cloud

Securing Microservices

Reducing the Attack Surface

Securing Services

Securing Outgoing Communication

Securing Microservices on Cloud

API Gateways and Load Balancers


Securing Inter-Service Communication

Processing Integrity

Trusted Binaries

Trusted Execution


DR-Disaster Recovery

Multi-region Solutions

Author: Chandra Rajasekharaiah
Publisher: Apress
Published: 12/16/2020
Pages: 226
Binding Type: Paperback
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ISBN13: 9781484265635
ISBN10: 1484265637
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About the Author
Chandra Rajasekharaiah has led multi-million dollar enterprise initiatives in cloud-based microservice development. For the past five years, he has also migrated giant enterprise monoliths to microservices-based applications on the cloud. He has more than 20 years of experience in the software engineering industry as a principal, enterprise architect, solutions architect, and software engineer. His experience includes multiple domains--retail, e-commerce, telecommunications, telematics, travel, electronic payments, automobile--and gives him a broad base to draw parallels, abstract problems, and create innovative solutions. He enjoys architecting, delivering, and supporting enterprise products.