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Because He's Watching

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Ian Broadfield wants to watch his wife sleep with another man. Call it a fantasy, passion, an obsession–whatever, but Ian can’t stop thinking about Emily being with someone else. Not after discovering her innocent flirtation with her coworker Ray. Not after hearing that Ray thinks Emily is the “hottest chick in the office.” And especially not after Emily confesses that Ray tried to kiss her at happy hour. As things heat up between his wife and her younger coworker, Ian wonders how much he can take. Jealousy tangles with excitement. Thrill overrides common sense. And Ian cannot stop—will not stop—until he’s driven Emily into another man’s bed. If you read Kirsten McCurran’s Because He’s Watching, now is your chance to experience the tale of wife-sharing and extramarital adventure from the husband’s perspective. If you haven’t, welcome to Ian’s world—to Ian’s obsession.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 196 pages

Publish Date: January 5, 2014