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Jean Marie Stine is the erotic novelist SF Review hails as "lip-smackingly good." Here are ten sizzling treats that blow the bounds of conventional gender and sexuality wide open, from the subversive pen of Jean Marie Stine. In Trans-Sexual, you will encounter, up close and in your face, a cast of transgressive heroes, heroines, and villains: butches, femmes, tops, bottoms, leather folk, dyke-boys, sissy-men, drag kings, drag queens, androgynes, genderqueers and more. Read these ten "carnally satisfactory (and) ingenuous" stories (Asimov's) and your view of sexuality - especially your own, be it straight, queer or otherwise - will never be the same! In "Jinni's So Long At the Fair," you will encounter male lesbians from the future. In "Amaeru" a man desperate to experience the infancy he was denied as a child, finds himself on the dark side of the law. In "What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This?", the dyke captain of sailing ship in the 1920s meets a not-so-repressed missionary's daughter. In "Les Freres Diabolique," a man is forced, by one of history's most famous queers, into a nightmare ordeal of sexual subjugation as woman. In "Legacy," a woman discovers the key to her own sexuality through a series of erotic encounters as she travels the globe in search of the mother she has sworn to kill. In "In the Kingdom of the Sons," you will meet a beautiful, imperious woman with a master plan; the equally beautiful, pliant young ward she is willing to sacrifice, and the aged British roué who stands between them and a multimillion dollar fortune! Plus four more mind-bending stories. Here is what the critics have said about the author's work: "History - spectacle - the Cecile B. DeMille of erotica." -Fetish Times. "Effective ... rich ... rewarding ... engrossing and unusual ... littered with genuine insights." -Ted White, editor, Heavy Metal. "Powerful tales of ... sexual identity ... full-blooded ... taut ... bears comparison with the best mainstream fiction." -Foundation (U. K.). Jean Marie Stine has written for the pioneers of erotic publishing, including American Art Enterprises and Eros Gold Stripe Editions. Her first novel, Season of the Witch, which has been reprinted five times and filmed as Synapse, was published by the legendary Essex House and its visionary editor Brian Kirby. Her shorter work has appeared in Suspect Thoughts, Eros, Fetish Times, Future Crime, Transgender, MindCaviar, BloodMoonz, Nest O' Vipers, Transformation, The Sun, and other publications. She is currently Associate Publisher of Sizzler Editions, a leading publisher of contemporary and classic erotica in eBook form.

Binding / Paperback: 174 pages

Publish Date: May 6, 2010