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Watching My Asian Wife

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Sultry Asian wives love to cheat. Their husbands love to watch... and even clean up.This is a collection of four books from Travis Mayfair’s series Asian Hotwife:Book 1: Sharing ChloeTravis met his wife Chloe when she was just an innocent nineteen-year-old college student back in Hong Kong. Now five years later, in California, Travis's new wife is exploring her freedom -- and star linebacker Clayton Sizemore is her guide.Book 2: Sharing MayukiIchiro is on a honeymoon vacation with his gorgeous, long-legged wife Mayuki. A blond, hairy-chested surfing instructor keeps staring at Mayuki. It's nothing. Men stare at her all the time, after all. But this guy just comes up to Mayuki. And practically steals her right out of Ichiro's hands. And Mayuki is giggling and kissing him, like nothing's wrong.Book 3: Sharing YoonaDanny isn't sure what his hot Korean American wife sees in him. She goes out clubbing with the champagne crowd. He's a quiet graduate student. He can't even afford to buy her champagne. But her favorite rapper, BBD, definitely can.Book 4: Sharing MimiBusty Singaporean Mimi is a flight attendant in first class. Her husband Riley is somewhere back in coach class. Internet billionaire Morris Blackmore takes an interest in Mimi's womanly figure and coaches her husband Riley on how not to be quite so useless.Four Asian wives. Four cuckolded husbands. Watching has never been this hot.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 221 pages

Publish Date: March 20, 2020