Mythology: Norse and Viking Mythology Myths and Stories by Carver, Ron

Mythology: Norse and Viking Mythology Myths and Stories

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Find out more about Vikings' historic background, their myths, and their gods
This book is an in-depth look at the Viking Age, and the deeds and every day lives of these ancient, often mystical individuals. The Vikings of Scandinavia were brave, adventurous, and typically barbaric, but there can be no debate that they were also a people with huge goals. Viking culture is still a subject of interest today, and this offers an insight into simply how sustaining their tradition is. This book will discuss:
An intro to the Nordic pagan belief systems, and the diverse methods which their religious practices were included into their every day lives.
Popular Nordic sagas, a description of what legends were, and examples of the most crucial sagas within the Norse culture.
Daily life during the Viking Age
The cultural and social norms of the Vikings
Dominating raids, expeditions, and Viking actions that covered the globe during their golden era
The conversion from paganism to Christianity of individuals of Scandinavia
The Vikings withstanding tradition in contemporary time
A description and explanation of the Norse mythological Gods and Goddesses, and which people the Gods mentioned belonged to.
A description of the most revered Norse routines and celebrations, and how their beliefs left their impression on spiritual practices that are still held by Christianity today.
The Norse had lots of heroes of myths and legend, and you will be presented to both stories of myth, and livings, breathing, Viking heroes that were revered.

Norse Mythology is complex, complicated, and the ideals behind their mythological beliefs were often intertwined with real life occasions. This book will take a look at how both myth and reality added to the culture and traditions of the Norse, and how these influences and stories continue to live on throughout the centuries

The Tale of a Viking Warrior King looks into the secret surrounding the Viking warrior who conquered European nations and became a king in his own right. Over 9 centuries after the death of this great warrior, ancient poems, songs, and legends about him still remain today. This book thinks about the truths as we know them, the myths credited to Ragnar, and the method this iconic heathen from the north continues to effect modern culture today. This book will go over:
The historical facts and suppositions surrounding this Viking of legend
The Retelling of the Saga of Ragnar, and his three better halves
How Ragnar's children ended up being an important part of the legend that Ragnar represents, and the stories that they influenced
How, regardless of centuries of time, Ragnar and Vikings of his time assisted shape concepts and typical customs that are still kept today

Author: Ron Carver
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 10/23/2019
Pages: 84
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ISBN13: 9781702104371
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