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Coding for Kids

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Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is the brains behind the internet, updating websites, running games, and so much more. This book teaches you the basics of coding in JavaScript by creating over a dozen Mini Apps.

The Mini App Plan

Learn about proper syntax, variables, and strings. Discover conditionals and loops. Explore arrays, objects, and functions.

Incorporate HTML and CSS to connect to JavaScript's inherent strength of working with webpages.

Share your creations with friends and family.

This Book

Learn standard coding concepts that stretch to any programming language.

To code, you only need simple text files. To test your code, you need access to an internet browser, but you don't need internet access. Chapter 1 covers the setup you need to get started.

This book is written by a middle school science teacher with over 18 years of experience working with kids. The format of the book is a step-by-step guide through the process with repetition, and contains all the code at the end of each section. A short JavaScript reference guide is also included, as well as an exclusive website.

Start Coding JavaScript Today!

Chapter Breakdown
Chapter 1 introduces you to the book and gets you set up and ready to code.
Chapter 2 starts you coding in the console.
Chapter 3 helps you write your first app, a Word Replacement Game.
Chapter 4 teaches conditionals through the Test Averager.
Chapter 5 sets up random numbers through our Fortune Teller.
Chapter 6 works with while loops in Guess My Number.
Chapter 7 expands into for loops in Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Chapter 8 introduces arrays with a Random Word Generator.
Chapter 9 incorporates array and string methods with a round of Hangman.
Chapter 10 demonstrates the use of objects with The Quizzer.
Chapter 11 prepares you with functions in Math Helpers.
Chapter 12 ties in our coding concepts with Treasure Quest.
Chapter 13 breaks out of JavaScript to introduce HTML.
Chapter 14 uses our HTML skills in the Tip Calculator.
Chapter 15 freshens up our Math Helpers.
Chapter 16 dives into styling with CSS.
Chapter 17 ties HTML and CSS together for 23 Pennies.
Chapter 18 enacts AI with Tic-Tac-Toe.
Chapter 19 increases the interactivity with Bubble Pop.
Chapter 20 pits your skills against monsters in Battles in Kallisor.
Chapter 21 challenges you to take the next steps in your coding adventure.
Chapter 22 is a condensed JavaScript crash course and a quick reference syntax guide.
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Binding / Paperback: 340 pages

Publish Date: August 8, 2019