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About Dream It and Do It:
  • Available as the full 100 story set or in individual volumes 1-3. This book is volume 1 containing 29 artistic role model stories. (see series for volumes 2 and 3)
  • Career role models for the next generation of rebels, dreamers and change-makers.
  • If you like children’s nonfiction like: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different, Women Who Dared, Women in Science, Women in Sport, Women in Art, Rosie Revere Engineer, Ada Twist Scientist, Iggy Peck Architect, Sophia Valdez future Perez or the "Who Was...” series you will love Dream It & Do It.
  • The first book of its kind to present biography style stories focused on the true tales of so many career options.
  • Easy bedtime stories for 9, 10 and 11 year old girls and boys to read on their own, but a perfect good night story to read together at any age.
  • 5 out of 5 star “Reader Favorite” award.
  • 100 Real-life role models who changed the world and dared to be different. Each with their own, modern career possibility.
  • Kids who develop interests and talents earlier in life are more likely to find joy and success as they become adults, this book can help them think about all that is possible.
  • Hardcover not available on Amazon.

Welcome to the world of real possibility! Our award-winning children’s book is packed with adventure, inspiration, and interests that will get your 9-11 year old child ready to take on the world.

Written for both boys and girls, this role-model book is styled like bedtime stories to introduce your kids to the game changers in the world that they want to emulate as they get older. This must-have real-life adventure book will introduce your child to over 100 different possibilities and interests through 100 real-life role-models. Each story will showcase different careers, professions, struggles, and challenges, covering business, art, math, science, and technology.

These real stories about real people and the adversity they faced (racism, sexism, homophobia) will show your child that they can persevere no matter what they believe. As a hands-on and immersive kind of bedtime book that will motivate your child to be a trailblazer, we’ve included an activity with each story that will help spark your child’s innate interests. All you need to do is sit back, read the stories out loud with your kids, and watch their eyes light up in wonder and awe.

Enjoy our extraordinary children’s real-life storybook today.

Binding / Paperback: 64 pages

Publish Date: November 11, 2020