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Good Old Life

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Tweeting, scrolling, posting, liking. That’s how we spend our lives—in a digital haze of insecurity, competition and photo-shopped perfection, comparing ourselves to others. Social media has subjected us to depression, loneliness, isolation and anxiety. You should be indistractable and give up your attention to some non-sense. There was a time once free of social media addiction. Times where we would actually meet up with friends or enjoy a good book. Times where we didn’t obsessively post pictures of meals we were about to eat or record every hour of our lives instead of just living it. How are these uncontrollable habits affecting us? What are the benefits of a life without this compulsion? How can we live happily without the social media that brings hate and anxiety? In ‘Good Old Life’, Gerard Ottmar explores how we can regain those happier times, get control of our life, reset our mind and live without anxiety in a world of busy-ness and distraction.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 76 pages

Publish Date: 3 September 2018