Dreaming the Future: The Fantastic Story by Pickover, Clifford A.

Dreaming the Future: The Fantastic Story

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For countless generations people of every culture have practiced a broad range of dramatic and sometimes frightening techniques to peer into the future. In this fascinating book acclaimed author Clifford Pickover presents a nearly exhaustive list of fortune-telling techniques, from the ominous practice of human sacrifice to reading clues on the Internet. Pickover not only explores a vast and colorful array of methods of prediction--including dreaming--he also evaluates the accuracy of some of the most astonishing prophecies made throughout history. Just how accurate were such famous soothsayers as Nostradamus, the Delphic Oracle, Edgar Cayce, the children of Fatima (whose third vision has only recently been revealed), and dozens more? This book takes us one step further by exploring our own inner psyches: Why does looking into the future provide a source of solace in a world filled with uncertainty, disease, and chance? And why do the most noted prognosticators so often warn of natural catastrophes of biblical proportions, such as earthquakes and floods that will signal the end of the world? Through insight and wit, Pickover will unlock the door of your imagination with engrossing mysteries, intriguing illustrations, and even modern patents and computer techniques. Also included is a range of practical experiments and recipes--from Stone Age to New Age. Prepare yourself for a strange but captivating ride

Author: Clifford A. Pickover
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Published: 03/01/2001
Pages: 458
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.70lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 1.00d
ISBN13: 9781573928953
ISBN10: 157392895X
BISAC Categories:
- Body, Mind & Spirit | Divination | General
- Body, Mind & Spirit | Dreams

About the Author
Clifford A. Pickover, Ph.D.(Yorktown Heights, NY), is the author of many books including The Girl Who Gave Birth to Rabbits, Time: A Traveler's Guide, and Surfing Through Hyperspace. He is also the holder of many U.S. patents. Wired magazine described Pickover this way: "Bucky Fuller thought big, Arthur C. Clarke thinks big, but Cliff Pickover outdoes them both."