Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Star, Dayanara Blue

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

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Dreams can be letters coming from someone's unconscious mind. These are also considered as successions of ideas, images, sensations, and emotions that usually happen in an involuntary manner to one's mind. These are highly evident during a specific stage of dreams known as oneirology. Dreams just come in your sleep without trying to imagine the possibility of dreaming something. Such experience sometimes brought us joy, excitement, and even fear. You can hardly stop ourselves when we have those kinds of experiences in our dreams. But, people can also obtain the greatest and wildest dream such as flying, going around the sun and even tasting the moon. That can only be possible when you dig into the world of lucid dreaming. That kind of dream will not only excite you and bring joy to other people's faces as you tell them your dream. You and other people might be left in awe when you tell them about your lucid dreams. Such kind of dream may sound peculiar to you, but you probably have that kind of dream, maybe in your unconscious state. But if you think you did not really have that dream, you will surely experience that just keep on scrolling the book. You must be excited and keep your eyes to every word you read about lucid dreaming. It may turn your world up, side, and down. To add, it will not only bring pleasure to your total being but it will allow you to experience healing by simply dreaming. That can be a bit exciting. Do not worry too much because you will learn the magic of lucid dreaming thru the best techniques and ways to obtain and enjoy such lucid dreaming. It does not require anything but only your focus.

Author: Dayanara Blue Star
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Published: 10/03/2015
Pages: 26
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ISBN13: 9781517652067
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About the Author
Dayanara Blue Star is not only an accomplished author but also a passionate practitioner of the Occult. She is the founder and CEO of the "Real Wiccan Spells School of Magic" and currently oversees various online training programs aimed training those beginning on the path of the Occult as well as those wishing to advance further in their studies. Learn more about Dayanara Blue Star at www.realwiccanspells.com

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