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Glory To the Game

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What is "THE GAME"? How do you become a "PLAYER"? MOST IMPORTANTLY, how do you "WIN"? If you ever wanted to know how a REAL PLAYER thinks, stays ahead of the competition, and WINS against ALL ODDS, BUY THIS BOOK!THE GAME is MASTERFULLY broken down to it's simplest form for any and everyone to understand and learn how to WIN, RIGHT NOW!This book is a mixture of common and uncommon sense!You will learn:1. What THE GAME is and how to PLAY TO WIN!2. How to make SOLID DECISIONS EVERY TIME!3. What makes WINNERS EXTRAORDINARDY!4. How to become OUTSTANDING!and much more!YOU WON'T SEE YOURSELF OR OTHERS THE SAME AGAIN!!!This little book will make a BIG difference in your life!SHARE A COPY WITH A FRIEND"The beauty about the GAME is that we can all win" - Slim Sir

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 73 pages

Publish Date: May 29, 2019