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CEO Manual: Start a Business, Be a Boss!

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After the success of the urban-entrepreneur classic Hood Millionaire: How To Hustle & Win Legally!, self-made millionaires Mike Enemigo and Sav Hustle team back up to bring you the latest edition of the Hood Millionaire series -- CEO Manual: Start A Business, Be A Boss! In this latest collection of game laying down the art of \"hoodpreneurship,\" you will learn such things as: 5 Core Steps To Starting Your Own Business! 5 Common Launch Errors You Must Avoid! How To Write A Business Plan! How To Legally Protect Your Assets From \"Them\"! How To Make Your Business Fundable, Where To Get Money For Your Start-up Business, and even How To Start A Business With No Money! You will learn How To Drive Customers To Your Website, How To Maximize Marketing Dollars, Contract Secrets for the savvy boss, and much, much more! And as an added bonus, we have included over 200 Business Resources, from government agencies and small business development centers, to a secret list of small-business friendly banks that will help you get started! By the time you finish this book of game that \"they\" don\'t want you to know, you will be ready to start a business, be a certified boss, and become the next Hood Millionaire!

You will love this book if you like: The Hustler\'s Gospel, by Hotep; The Hustler\'s 10 Commandments, by Hotep; Hustle While You Work, by Hotep; Brand Your Swag, by Hotep; Hustle and Grow Rich, by Tierica Berry.

Mike Enemigo is a self-made \"prisonpreneur\" who turned his dirty hustle clean. He is the founder and CEO of The Cell Block, and independent publishing company. He\'s passionate about teaching prisoners and street hustlers how to hustle and win LEGALLY in their quest for wealth and prosperity, so that they may avoid the downside of the game: prison.

Binding / Paperback: 137 pages

Publish Date: February 9, 2018