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Pimp God

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What if I told you the whole world is based on Pimping..? From Business Owners (of all types) to Employees... Everything in this society is based on PIMPING. Therefore, pimping by definition is all about OWNERSHIP. On the flip side, hoeing is all about SERVITUDE. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to UNDERSTAND this. You just have to use your common sense. Anyone who sets out to OWN instead of SERVE, is setting out to be a PIMP. In all relationships, the same dynamic exists. Someone (he or her) is going to be the BOSS. Any man who says "we rule the home together" is lying to himself. In fact, whenever you hear a man say this, I can assure you HIS WIFE IS RUNNING SHIT!! Although your momma probably didn't teach you this but, THE WORD "MAN" LITERALLY MEANS "AUTHORITY!!!" While, "WOMAN," on the other hand means "SUPPORT." Most relationships in the west are defined by the proverbial POWER STRUGGLE. That's because in most western homes, the ROLES of men and women have been REVERSED. This is especially true in the black community. MEN today are no longer "MEN" (AUTHORITATIVE FIGURES). They have become "BOYS" only masquerading as men. Children being raised in these types of environments ARE NOT USE TO SEEING A MAN DELEGATING "AUTHORITY" IN HIS HOME. This is what the Black community has become... A BIG DYSFUNCTIONAL LIVING ARRANGMENT. An arrangement where the WOMEN are trying their best to be MEN and vise-versa. Black women got this BRIGHT IDEA (to try and be a man) from the dominant white society. But, what the white man did not tell them is, NO WOMAN CAN BE A MAN BECAUSE SHE WAS NOT "WIRED" TO BE ONE. And the harder they try, the more DYSFUNCTIONAL they become. White men can live with the BLACK WOMAN'S DYSFUNCTION so long as she don't get shit twisted. Because we all know he ain't about to deal with any disrespect from her. She know it too. For that reason, black men must no longer tolerate black female disrespect, either. KNOW THIS... The coldest PLAYERS on planet earth are WOMEN. Women have been manipulating men since the beginning of time. That's why men need to learn the GAME. Not to put their lovers on the corner; but to put them on some stricter rules, regulations and guidelines. Love it or hate it, the only men who have MASTERED THE GAME WOMEN CREATED, IS PIMPS. You don't have to be a PIMP to UNDERSTAND this GAME. But, you do need to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION. People, there is a shift in consciousness taking place in the universe. And there is nothing anyone can do about it. This shift, is a shift towards WHAT IS NATURAL. EITHER YOU GET ON BOARD, OR GET ELIMINATED. THAT'S IT. PIMP GOD, "What Yo Momma Shoulda' Told You" is not a book about teaching men to be PIMPS. It's about teaching men to TAKE BACK THE "AUTHORITY" THEY LOST TO WOMEN A LONG, LONG TIME AGO. JOIN THE MOVEMENT!!!

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 150 pages

Publish Date: November 30, 2016

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