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My Wife's Daughters

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From an early age, Tyler Reynolds has felt different. Being the descendent of both slaves and slave masters, he has always struggled to fit in. Tyler has never been fully accepted by the black or white community due to his roots. Born to a single mother who passes for white in a small town in Georgia, Tyler and his younger sister Amber are taught that light complexions and colored eyes held the key to opening opportunities that others weren’t privy to. Unfortunately, unlike Amber, Tyler is the product of rape and has inherited his father’s prominent features. Tyler’s mother works long hard hours as a housekeeper for a prominent family in a nearby town. While she showers her children with material things when her finances allow, her hectic work schedule often leaves her two children left to fend for themselves. Throughout his childhood, Tyler feels like a burden to his mother. His very presence blemishes her reputation in their community. In her absence, Tyler’s mother fails to notice his dark turn. Tyler experiences strong urges in which he finds himself struggling to keep suppressed. Eventually he gives in to his temptation; however his overwhelming guilt has him vowing to never defy his better judgement again. Somehow Tyler managed to honor the vow he made to himself…that is until he met the beautifully alluring Layla Montgomery. She was everything a guy could ever ask for. She was intelligent, a hard worker, insatiable lover, maintained a tidy home, was humbly grounded and most importantly she accepted him entirely. It isn’t until after Tyler and Layla elope that she reveals a secret about herself. A secret that can potentially ruin everything that Tyler has been working hard to avoid. Will Tyler and Layla’s marriage survive the storm brewing their way or will their romance end as quickly as it began?

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 221 pages

Publish Date: June 10, 2018