Novel Character Development: Step-by-Step - 2 Manuscripts in 1 Book - Essential Fictional Character Creation, Novel Character Building and Novel Ch by Marsh, Sandy

Novel Character Development: Step-by-Step - 2 Manuscripts in 1 Book - Essential Fictional Character Creation, Novel Character Building and Novel Ch

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2 Manuscripts in 1 Book, Including: How to Write a Novel and Character Development

Book 1)

How to Write a Novel: Step-by-Step - Essential Romance Novel, Mystery Novel and Fantasy Novel Writing Tricks Any Writer Can Learn

Struggling as an Author?

Do you have an amazing story in mind, but you can't get it down on paper? You've got the idea and the characters but soon run out of steam? Perhaps you are a beginner and need help putting it all together. Whatever your reason, this book helps to unlock the secrets of novel writing in simple-to-follow ways that will bring significant results fast.

Contents Summary

Each section is summarized with a series of short questions to help inspire deeper reflection. These are:

THE OUTLINE - how to refine major schemes & subplots that make sense to the reader & also your protagonist.

THE SETTING - the art of crafting a sense of place & how to work with multiple locations & time-periods.

POINT OF VIEW - helping you to form the best character perspectives for your story.

CHARACTERS - the best way to choose your central character to drive the story forward & one in whom your audience will discover a gripping read.

CONFLICT - how & when to use struggle to keep the reader engaged.

ADDITIONAL TIPS - A final section that motivates the author to think differently to engage emotion & lose the reader in the heart of the story. Marsh helps an author to think outside of the box when faced with over-used clich s, and to deal with the pressures of deadlines and expectations.

Book 2)

Character Development: Step-by-Step - Essential Story Character Creation, Character Expression and Character Building Tricks Any Writer Can Learn

Need to Breathe Life into Your Characters?

You may have a great story but if your characters are flat and uninteresting your readers will find your story dull. If your lead protagonist isn't generating empathy, then no one cares what happens to them. Character Development covers every aspect of character building; from developing charismatic and believable people, to making sure they work holistically to drive the narrative forward in realistic ways.

Know Your Anti-Hero from Your Antagonist

In order to create compelling characters your readers will love, Marsh introduces the reader to 12-character types and explains how and when they are introduced to a story. She demonstrates the importance of instilling flaws to create a balance of human qualities that evolve throughout the novel in captivating ways.

Inspires New Connections

There will be many thought-provoking subjects for both beginner and experienced authors that will motivate a much deeper conception of characters, some of which include:
  • How Characters are Presented & Revealed
  • Creating Expression
  • Let You Characters Suffer
  • Bringing Characters to Life
  • Use Contradictions
  • Listen to Them
  • Give Your Characters Plenty of Opportunity to Show Up

You have made an excellent decision by choosing to learn more about novel character development. So, don't delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and purchase your copy today.

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