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Creature Codex

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Creature Codex
Contributor(s): Baur, Wolfgang (Author), Dillon, Dan (Author), Green, Richard (Author), Haeck, James (Author), Harris, Chris (Author), Hochhalter, Jeremy (Author), Introcaso, James (Author), Sawatsky, Jon (Author)
ISBN: 1936781921   EAN: 9781936781928
Publisher: Paizo Inc.     
US SRP: $49.99 US 
Pub Date: October 02, 2018
Hardcover: 416 pages
Annotation: A Rampage of New 5th Edition Monsters!
DM: “A mysterious figure in a cloak approaches you in the tavern...”
PALADIN: “Aha! This must be a wizard with a map to a dungeon!”
DM: “…and he’s ticking.”
Whether you need scuttling dungeon denizens, alien horrors, or sentient avatars of the World Tree, the Creature Codex has you covered! Nearly 400 new foes for your 5e game everything from acid ants and grave behemoths to void giants and zombie lords.
Creature Codex includes:
• A dozen new demons, and five new angels
• Wasteland dragons and dinosaurs
• All-new golems, including the altar flame golem, doom golem, and keg golem
• Monsters inspired by Mesoamerican, Hindustani, and Asian legends and folklore
• Chieftains and other leaders for ratfolk, centaurs, goblins, trollkin, and more
• New undead, including a heirophant lich suitable for lower-level characters (but plenty tough!)
...and much more! Use them in your favorite published setting, or populate the dungeons in a world of your own creation. Pick up Creature Codex and surprise your players with monsters they won’t be expecting!
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