El Zar de La Droga: La Vida y La Muerte de Un Narcotraficante...

El Zar de La Droga: La Vida y La Muerte de Un Narcotraficante...

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El Zar de La Droga: La Vida y La Muerte de Un Narcotraficante Mexicano
Contributor(s): Poppa, Terrence E (Author), Bowden, Charles (Introduction by)
ISBN: 193369386X   EAN: 9781933693866
Publisher: Cinco Puntos Press
US SRP: $ 16.95 US 
Binding: Paperback: 416 pages
Language(s): Spanish
Pub Date: December 15, 2011 
Annotation: "Pablo Acosta was a living legend in his Mexican border town of Ojinaga. He smuggled tremendous amounts of drugs into the United States; he survived numerous attempts on his power and his life by rivals and he blessed the town with charity and civic improvements. 
He was finally slain in 1987 during a raid by Mexican officials with the cooperation of US law enforcement. Poppa has turned out a detailed and exciting book, covering in depth Acosta's life the other drug factions that battled with him the village of Ojinaga; and the logistics of the drug operation. 
The result is a nonfiction account with enough greed, treachery, shootouts, and government corruption to fascinate true crime and crime fiction readers alike. 
Highly recommended."—Library Journal
Terrence E. Poppa, an award winning journalist, was a finalist for a 1987 Pulitzer Prize for his investigations into the connection between crime and government in Mexico. 
He was featured in Standoff in Mexico, a PBS production about fraudulent elections in Mexico. Due to his unique insights into the world of Mexican drug trafficking, Poppa has been widely interviewed on radio and television, including Larry King Live and The O'Reilly Factor.

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