Brooklyn Sexy Part 2

Brooklyn Sexy Part 2

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Brooklyn Sexy Part 2
Contributor(s): Ramzee, Myles (Author), Angel Eyes Publications (Illustrator)
ISBN: 0692314733   EAN: 9780692314739
Publisher: Angel Eyes Publications     
US SRP: $10.99 US 
Binding: Paperback: 132 pages
Pub Date: January 25, 2015
Annotation: In almost every city in America, women are stereo typed based on the sections or neighborhood they came from. The five boroughs of New York City are like five different cities in one. They are close in proximity and in a lot of ways they are worlds apart.
Brooklyn, the most populated borough, probably has the city’s worst reputation when it comes to people, in particular to men of the boroughs. Brooklyn women have the reputation of being seen tough, mean spirited and conniving money hungry thieves who set up men to be robbed by Brooklyn stick up kids.
Diondre, a Brooklyn born and raised entrepreneur has two best friends from Harlem who feel as if all Brooklyn women fit the stereotype. Diondre sets out to prove them wrong.
When Diondre meets Deidre, a girl he met in high school. Deidre knocks the stereotype out of Prospect Park. Sadly one of Diondre’s best friends doesn’t live to see it.
The mean streets of Brooklyn claim his life to which the other friend develops a disdain for the borough known as, “Buck Town.” As Diondre defends Brooklyn women he is shocked to find out that his woman is exactly what his friends claim Brooklyn women are like.
Deidre’s deep dark secret comes to light. He learns this heart breaking news at the cost of a close friend life. Brooklyn Sexy Part 1 and 2 is a tale of betrayal, infidelity, sex, robbery, karma, murder and love. It’s truly a Brooklyn Story.
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