Married to a Dade County Bully 2

Married to a Dade County Bully 2

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Married to a Dade County Bully 2 
Contributor(s): Jeremie, Monica (Author)
ISBN: 1721659943   EAN: 9781721659944
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform   
US SRP: $10.99 US  
Binding: Paperback: 188 pages
Pub Date: June 19, 2018
Annotation: Before Po found love with Kodi, there was Bray, living and loving recklessly in the fast lane as teenagers and making major money moves as young adults. The two shared a secret connection, and what was understood between them didn’t need to be explained, especially to anyone on the outside looking in. 
But with Bray’s unexpected and ill-advised return to Miami dredging up the past, unresolved issues are exposed and threats against Po and those closest to him are revealed. 
Brutally honest and slightly unhinged, Bray lived by her own rules with no regard for others with the exception of Po, to whom she is fiercely loyal. 
Pregnant with his child, many assume the purpose of her presence is to rekindle their flame and start a family together, but they have it all wrong. 
Bray had left Miami for L.A. with a bad rap, and the rumors that followed weren’t sitting too well with her. Now that she is back in the 305, she’s about to change the game and clear her name in the process. 
But with that said, Bray’s heart still beats for Po and not even his vows to another woman can stand in her way of getting what she wants. For Kodi, old habits die hard. 
While Po is busy sorting through the skeletons in his closet and wrapping his head around impending fatherhood, she patiently waits by his side as his devoted wife. 
But when Po suddenly distances himself and pulls disappearing acts, she begins to feel insecure, alone, and unloved in their one-sided marriage. 
With an empty bed and an idle mind, Kodi copes by opening up to the people and vices from her past for attention and to fill the void in her heart. 
All Dozier ever wanted was Po’s respect. Instead, all he got was ridiculed and treated like a subordinate. 
And when his sister pops up out the blue and adds in her two cents, Dozier is done with them all. 
Tired of the disrespect and the disproportionate pay, he sets out to remove himself from underneath Po’s thumb and become his own boss. When an unlikely source unknowingly aids him in his endeavors at Po’s expense, Dozier must determine if his rise to the top is worth further ruining his lifelong friendship with Po as well as the risk of losing his life.
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