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Power & Motoryacht Magazine
SKU # 2182CF12
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Description: Power & Motoryacht magazine is the ultimate periodical for those who enjoy cruising the seas. In each issue of this publication, you will find great features about enjoying your lifestyle and caring for your vessel. There are features about numerous topics, including various types and styles of boats, the gear that you need to enjoy your next trip on to the water, as well as hobbies that you can enjoy on your yacht. You will enjoy and benefit from a discount subscription to this magazine. Order Power & Motoryacht today!
Boats and Megayachts

In each issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine you will find many great features about the various styles and types of boats and yachts that you can purchase. You will enjoy reading about designs, boat tests, builders, engines, new vessels on the market, information regarding ownership, charter yachts, and the best yachts in the world. This periodical ensures that you have all the information that you need to enjoy owning your own boat or yacht.

Electronics, Gear, and Maintenance

Power & Motoryacht magazine also provides you with information about all of the electronics and gear that you need for your vessel. You can read features about electronics for numerous purposes, including safety, navigation, monitoring, fishing, entertainment, and communication. There are also many articles about the best personal gear, as well as items for your boat. In addition to features about electronics and gear, you can also read about how to maintain the condition of your boat or yacht. From the engine to the hull, you will have all the information that you need to care for your vessel.

Sport Fishing and Voyaging

Whether you enjoy sport fishing or voyaging on your boat or yacht, Power & Motoryacht magazine provides you with all that you need to have an enjoyable trip on the water. In each issue, you can read about tournaments in which you can participate, techniques for catching elusive fish, fishing gear, as well as stories from fellow fishermen. This periodical also ensures that you know all that you desire about voyaging. You can read about cruising clubs that you can join, exotic destinations, cruising, and even charters.

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