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Linux Format Magazine 
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Linux Format Magazine: The general public, including myself, are getting steadily more worried about how much of our information is becoming so readily accessible by way of modern technology. The internet is an incredible phenomenon which is monumentally useful, but due to the efficiency of social networks, and on the other end of the scale, hackers, a great deal of our personal and official information can be found with a few clicks of a mouse. I’ve always wondered just how these painfully annoying companies selling misleading insurance and claims deals have my personal mobile number. There has been a lot in the news about this lack of security for information has swung the other way. There are millions of what are now known as ‘hacktivists’ who are taking a stand against the government and corporations who seem to be running the world mutually and without many morals. Anonymous is a group name regularly appearing in the news, used to describe unstoppable anonymous internet presences who are working their way into secret and official files all over the world. Wiki Leaks is another online and relatively untraceable internet group who successfully publish secret knowledge that the public have a right to know. Like I said, the internet is an incredible phenomenon, and the more the higher ups try to control public use of it, the more I can see it rising up to be more than just a platform and a means of communication.  
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