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Redemption: Redeeming The Blackman And Woman In America
Contributor(s): Muhammad, Princetta (Author)
ISBN: 1489597034   EAN: 9781489597038
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Binding: Paperback: 216 pages
Pub Date: June 03, 2013
Annotation: A “New World Order” is the topic of discussion for politicians and many others. There is a constant push by those in authority and their coharts to force a particular mind-set and world view on the masses. 
This speaks, primarily to the ambitions of the Western world (white world) to increase and continue their dominance over the Black and darker peoples of the Earth, through a method or science we refer to as “Tricknology," the science of tricks and lies. 
This speaks to their desire to continue their parasitic existence off of the natural and human resources of the Black Nation, who are the Original Owners of the earth. The American so-called Negro has suffered a mental and spiritual death as a consequence of falling into the hands of such a clever and cunning open enemy, for over four hundred years. The slave-masters robbed the Blackman and woman of their God, their religion, their name, their language, culture, resources, their Identity! 
The worst kind of crime has been committed against the so-called American Negroes by the white race. It is written in the slave codes and black codes of the United States of America that the "Negro" will never be redeemed (restored to his Own) and that he is ever to be the property of the American white man. And this mentality did not simply disappear from the slave-masters and their children after having held black people in chains under the most horrific conditions for over 310 years. 
And neither did the so-called "Emancipation Proclamation" alter their mentality of wanting to forever dominate and mistreat the so-called Negroes. Redemption: Redeeming The Blackman And Woman In America, discuss integration, manifest destiny and the grafting of the white race, slavery and "Emancipation," Ezekiel's vision of the "wheel in a wheel" and what it represents, the Coming of God to redeem and restore the Blackman back to his Own and to destroy His enemies, among other topics. 
It is written in both Bible and Holy Qur'an, that God Himself will Come to Redeem the so-called American Negroes, and to place them back on top of Civilization, never to be ruled by an enemy again. And, as a matter of fact, there is a New World Order unfolding at the present time, wherein Righteousness and Peace will dwell, after the Almighty Supreme Being Allah (God) Himself, bring to naught the works of the devil, and put an end to the peace-breakers, mischief-makers, and the blood-shedders on our planet.
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