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N.A.S 2

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N.A.S 2 (Niggas Ain't Shit 2)
Contributor(s): Watkins, Jessica N (Author)
ISBN: 1975693957   EAN: 9781975693954
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform     
US SRP: $15.99 US  
Binding: Paperback: 386 pages
Pub Date: August 20, 2017
Annotation: Some men simply ain’t sh*t. They lie, cheat, and let you down. Yet, in part one, we learned that Nas was far from simply being a lying, cheating dog. He was a calculating manipulator that single-handedly ruined the lives of everyone around him, simply because of his selfish greed to get money. The only person with enough rage to end Nas’ wrath was his girlfriend of thirteen years, Tabitha. 
But at what cost will it be? Taking Nas out would cure her pain, but she didn’t realize that while doing so, she was still inflicting more chaos and hurt on herself and her children. 
Aaliyah finally confessed to Fabe, Nas’ brother, that she is just as much in love with him as he has been with her. She finally walked away from unknowingly being Nas’ side piece. 
She has given herself to the man that has been pining for her for over a year. But is it too late? Will Fabe choose her or his loyalty to his brother? Jaleesa and Moses’ relationship has been more down than up lately. Jaleesa is beyond tired of his cheating ways as he ignores his responsibility while dream chasing with Nas. 
Facing a charge that she has gotten because of Moses, she is done with their relationship. But with Moses now pulling through a near death experience, she has a change of heart. She can’t see herself walking away from him after praying that he lived to see another day. Is Jaleesa making the right choice, though? 
Will Jaleesa finally get her happily ever after, or will Moses continue to be more loyal to the streets than he has been to his woman?
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- Fiction | Romance | African American

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