Our Mission

Here at SureShot Books, our goal is to provide books for inmates so they have the opportunity to learn as much as possible during their incarceration. The more they learn and improve their knowledge, the less likely they are to return to prison.      

We Believe "Books have the power to change lives". Reading is a great exercise that helps people process information verbally and visually. Those that don’t read will struggle with processing verbal information. This explains why a slow reader will be slow in other academic areas. With the lack of verbal and visual comprehension skills, if slow readers don’t change they will have higher chances of divorce and job unemployment. Reading really improves every aspect of communication skills.

It is a known fact that functional illiteracy is a primary indicator that young people will get into trouble with the law. According to Dr. William Smith, 25% of all young prison inmates have some type of reading disability. He said, "We know from our research that failure in school is a leading predictor of juvenile delinquency."

The lower a prisoner’s education level which is reflected by his or her ability to both read and comprehend the written word has a one to one relationship to the probability of recidivism. According to a US Department of Education study, “participation in reading & education programs lowered the likelihood of repeat incarceration by 29%.”

The typical inmate spends his / her time working out, playing sports and watching TV. According to a survey of inmate’s reading habits, the average prisoner read a total of 3 books over a five year sentence. Sending books to inmates can encourage them to read more frequently or, if necessary, improve their ability to read and comprehend the written word.

Helping an inmate to improve their literacy and general education sending book to inmates has benefits for both the inmate and society as a whole because the more they improve their education, the less likely they will return to jail.

We don’t mean merely great books, or memorable ones, we mean having the person reading. Books can altered one's behavior, change their mind-set, redirect the course of their life. Books are levers.

This encouragement from family and friends was 100% successful in preventing recidivism.

The primary objective of SureShot Books is to assist in the process of both socializing and improving the overall education level of prison inmates so that they have a real chance of finding a good job that will allow them to support their families and become productive citizens.

According to the Department of Correctional Services, approximately 50% of prisoners who do not participate in programs to improve literacy and increase their education return to jail after release as opposed to only 25% of those who do participate.
Of all the literacy programs tried by the prison systems, the most effective one was when the inmate’s family and friends were allowed to send the books to the inmate, because now the inmate is reading something of his or her choice. SureShot Books has a wide selections of Self-help, Sobriety, Law Books, Sports Magazines, Newspapers, Comic Books etc...

A person may be locked behind bars, but their minds can travel the world through reading which can change the way he or she thinks and convince them to change their lives for the better.

Together, we can help these people change the future for both themselves and their families. We Believe " Books have the power to change lives ".

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