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Palmistry: Quick & Easy
Contributor(s): Hazel, Peter (Author)
ISBN: 1567184103    EAN: 9781567184105
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications     
US SRP: $12.95 US   
Binding: Paperback: 240 pages
Pub Date: September 08, 2001
Annotation: Your hand is a map reflecting your personality, your past, and your personal potential. This book's unique illustrated and interactive format is designed to give you instant access to the ancient art of palmistry. As you answer a series of simple questions, you'll discover how easy it really is even the novice can begin reading hands immediately!
You'll learn how to interpret the length of the palm and fingers, the four hand types, thumbs, marks on the fingers, the lines, fingernails, the mounts, timing in the palm, and even the meaning of rings.
Palmistry Quick & Easy also includes information not found in other palmistry books. Notes for lovers, parents, managers, and astrologers will add depth and additional insights into the important relationships in your life.
Without saying a word, your hands speak volumes about your personality. For example, the shape and size of your hand can help you gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses.
Do you have a long palm with long, slender fingers? If so, you have a water hand, which means you are a sensitive, sympathetic, and intuitive person who probably relies on emotions to make decisions. You may have to be careful of being overly self-critical.
Do you have a short palm with short fingers? Then you've got an earth hand, and you are practical, reliable, and productive, although you may have to watch out for becoming too single-minded or authoritarian.
Palmistry is also fun in any social gathering, mention that you read palms and you'll soon have a crowd of people eager to find out more about themselves.
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