A New History of Witchcraft

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For nearly thirty years, during which it has been continuously in print, Jeffrey Russell’s A History of Witchcraft has been the one authoritative concise illustrated history of witchcraft. Now, in collaboration with Brooks Alexander, this classic book has been fully revised with additional chapters accompanied by new illustrations. It now includes an analysis of the importance of the Internet and films in the dissemination of witchcraft today, and the potential tensions as a movement that was originally a closed, secretive cult becomes an open, recognized public religion.

Table of Contents

Preface • Introduction: What is a witch?
Part I: Sorcery and Historical Witchcraft – 1. Sorcery • 2. The Roots of European Witchcraft • 3. Witchcraft, Heresy and Inquisition • 4. The Witch-craze on the Continent of Europe • 5. Witchcraft in Britain and America • 6. Witchcraft and Society • 7. The Decline of Witchcraft Part II: Modern Witchcraft • 8. Survivals and Revivals • 9. Neopagan Witchcraft: The Sources • 10. Neopagan Witchcraft: The Movement • 11. The Role of Witchcraft

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 216 pages

Publish Date: 2 April 2007