Abs 100 Workouts: Visual easy-to-follow abs exercise routines fo

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Unleash your abs. Change the way your body performs!

Abs power the way we walk, run, jump and lift. They affect the way we stand and sit. The four distinct muscle groups that make up the abdominals are key to the quality of every aspect of our physical performance.

The abdominal muscles are the body's secret powerhouse. They link the lower body to the upper body and transform raw muscle strength into real power.

The DAREBEE Abs 100 Workouts will help you:

  • Build stronger, bigger abs.
  • Achieve better defined abs.
  • Find an exercise plan that suits your build.
  • Feel real improvements in the way your body performs.
  • In this book you will find workouts and exercise routines that will help you achieve the coveted six-pack look. You will also find ways to train your abs you'd never quite thought of before plus a diet plan to help you get the look you want faster and then maintain it. Based on the latest findings from exercise science and field-tested with volunteer groups over three years the DAREBEE Abs 100 Workouts will transform the way you approach building stronger, more defined abs.

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