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ONLY $7.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME. Both Aztec and Mayan art offer a visual feast of fascinating pieces that draw the person viewing them into their story. It's all in the details, whether ornate or simplistic. Through looking at these pieces and admiring them, people are able to get a sense of how each piece of art tells its own unique and alluring story, whether it's dark and tragic or celebratory in nature.

This type of exciting emotional connection is the inspiration behind this coloring book and through our own abilities to tell and learn stories, as adults we have the opportunity to link an amazing and interesting past-that of the Aztec and Mayan cultures-with our busy and chaotic lives in the present.

Many adults today are looking for a connection to something grounded, which usually comes from the elements of the world around us. This is where people can draw inspiration from, just as the Mayan and Aztec civilizations did so long ago. And they flourished for over 650 years as a result. Artisans and members of the community alike drew strength, hope, and understanding from everything around them. When they looked up to the skies they saw infinity. If their eyes went to the ground, they saw the fertile soil that lent to their livelihoods, and even when they looked straight ahead they saw others who inspired and motivated them. Adults can be their own artist for inspiration through coloring and there is no lovelier way to experience that then through the beautiful and alluring art of coloring Mayan and Aztec inspired art designs.

By allowing your adult mind to have the amazing and wonderful experience of coloring from the heart of the child that still exists in a person, they can gain so much. May your experiences with color inspire you, clear the mind, and help take you on a journey into the place in your heart and soul where contentment can be found and tranquility achieved. All humans have this inner creativity that can be unleashed when they open up their eyes and hearts to the world of coloring. Submerse yourself into these pages and enjoy. SCROLL UP AND CLICK BUY TO ORDER YOURS TODAY!

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