All You Need is Epsom Salt, Honey And Baking Soda: The Big Book

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Improve Your Quality Of Life In The Most Inexpensive Way Ever! Take Advantage Of The Diverse Wonders Of Epsom Salt, Honey And Baking Soda! This book is priceless! It contains a variety of information to help you improve yourself, your family and home in the most inexpensive way ever. Just by making use of Epsom salt, Honey and Baking soda, you chart your way to natural healing and great health in a safe and hygienic environment.

Inside these items are many hidden natural beauty secrets, healing, cures, and home remedies that will address a staggering range of health issues, skin flaws, beauty needs, household needs, vegetation requirements. In fact, there are more than 200 ways to make use of these items to satisfy your desire for qualitative life! You will be awed by the amazing uses of these wonderful gifts of nature.

What's more, they are all natural, toxic free, and a hundred percent effective. Here's A Peek to What's Contained in This Clearly Written Big Book of 3 Parts: Part 1: Epsom Salt Epsom Salt For Detox And Weight Loss Epsom Salt for Healing Epsom Salt for Gardening Epsom Salt for Beauty Epsom For Health Epsom Salt For Household Use Epsom Salt For Decorative Craft Part 2: honey Discover How To Use Honey For: * Detoxification * Hangovers * Regulating your blood sugar * Bad memory * Alcohol Metabolism * Halitosis * Gum disease * Athletes foot And lots more Everything on skin and beauty care such as: * Hair loss * Anti-aging recipes * Hair strengthener * Hair removal wax And lots more Treating illnesses such as: * Flu

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 116 pages

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