Backyard Politics: Today's Divide and a Parenting Style to Bring Us Together

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Our political system is fiercely divided.

Political differences are fracturing families, separating friends, and even introducing tensions in casual encounters.

Many of our elected officials, and national media, are resorting to vilification, accusation, and open hostility as a way to gain control over the political narrative.

Backyard Politics provides a way to understand the seemingly insurmountable political strife currently overtaking our country. Because each political cause believes that their approach will better humanity, it is essential that we understand both points of view to lessen animosity and reach a compromise.

For over forty years, Dr. Craig Wiener, a Clinical Psychologist, has helped individuals and families resolve their difficulties. Rather than look to politicians to diminish our political friction, he proposes a parenting solution that allows family members to resolve their problems in mutually satisfying ways. Learning how to cooperate as a family prepares children to mediate social discord when venturing into the outside world.

Backyard Politics is a must-read for those who want to foster well-being for children and society.