Bidding to Buy

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Welcome to the world of buying foreclosed homes at auction―a real estate strategy that lets you remove the middleman, decrease your competition, and buy at a discount.

Bidding for properties on the courthouse steps while competing in real time with other investors is a thrilling experience. There’s nothing like it in the world of real estate, but there’s also a lot to learn. With dozens of insider auction secrets that are proven to help maximize returns, Bidding to Buy will show you the skills you need to successfully bid at auction, then turn a healthy profit on your investment.

Successfully buying foreclosures isn’t a matter of luck, and it isn’t for insiders only. However, it does require a process―one that can be repeated for optimal returns. In this book, you’ll find a full blueprint of the foreclosure process, including the repeatable five-step method that the authors have used to buy thousands of properties.

Discover a new kind of real estate investment and uncover profits on your local courthouse steps!

Inside, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find properties before they are broadly exposed to the market
  • Understand the entire foreclosure process and how it differs from state to state
  • Conduct complete title research and develop an eye for red flags
  • Navigate the potential risks and pitfalls behind a live auction
  • Access property listings and early posting data
  • Build an accurate financial analysis on any available property
  • Acquire creative and alternative financing methods, including no-cash solutions
  • Complete critical post-auction steps, such as evicting tenants

Binding / Paperback: 250 pages

Publish Date: September 8, 2020