Big Rig Business Startup: How to Start, Run & Grow a Successful

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After losing my corporate job in 2008, I went through the toughest time of my life. At the time my wife was pregnant with our third child, and my monthly unemployment check wasn't enough to cover our house and two car notes. In desperation, I decided to go to a local trucking school and get my CDL.

I found my first driving job a week after I got out of school. I still remember my first paycheck was just $55 shy of what I was making at my corporate desk job. I was hysteric, I was happy, I knew this was my new found life and freedom, and no one was going to take it away from me.

Long story short, after two years of working for other companies, I decided to start my own trucking company, and I started out as an owner-operator. In 2013, I decided it was time for me to grow and time for me to get off the road and spend some time with my kids.

This was when I entered the second phase of my business life. I started to buy one tractor every few months as I was hiring great drivers that are professional, family oriented and serious about making money. By 2016 I had 12 trucks on the road, and this is also the year when my net earning passed $350,000 mark. To me, the 350K mark was always a benchmark, why? Because I knew that was the salary of the CEO of the company, I used to work for.

Last year, I received a call from a business broker, who asked me for a 10-minute meeting. He had brought an offer from a big trucking company, to buy my company. But I didn't even remotely think about selling my company. Instead, I was talking to the bank and was in the process of finalizing a loan for four new tractors with trailers. Once again, long story short, after I refused their initial offer, they came back with an offer that no reasonable man can refuse, and I consider myself a very reasonable man.

It's been almost a year since I sold my business, due to a non-compete I am not starting any new trucking business, but they never told me I couldn't write about trucking business, so here I am.

If you like the Freedom and Fresh Air of the Open Road, if you like the job security and solid pay that trucking industry offers, then you need to get started now.

The income potential is truly amazing and yes, if you can hire the right people, you will not only see significant growth, high net income but the satisfaction that you don't get from many other jobs and businesses.

What I shared in this book, are the steps I went through myself, I wrote from my own experience and shared a step by step process that is easy and simple to follow, and best of all you can get started with very little funding.

Here is a Quick View of What I Discussed Inside This Book:

  • 5 Factors to Consider Before Starting Your New Trucking Business
  • How to Get CDL, DOT and Carrier Authority Number
  • How to Obtain a Unified Carrier Registration
  • How to Get International Registration Plan tag & Fuel Tax Agreement Decal
  • Filing a BOC-3 Form
  • Obtaining a Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC)
  • Business Plan for Your New Trucking Company
  • Six Legal Business Structures to Choose From
  • How to Get an EIN From IRS
  • A Business Plan That is Specific to Your Trucking Business
  • Finding & Buying the Right Tractors and Rigs
  • How to Find Financing, Grants & Loans for Your Business
  • What and How to Get Business Via the Load Boards
  • Types of Freights You Should Consider
  • Daily Administration and Operation of Your Trucking Business
  • Maintenance of Your Tractors
  • How to Hire and Retain Great Drivers
  • What and How to Reap Benefits of Fuel Cards
  • How to Market and Grow your new Trucking Business
  • And so much More.

Good luck with your new business venture. I wish you all the success!

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