Boobie Boy

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Boobie Boys: Miami's Urban Chronicles Volume II, an urban literary fiction which portrays a biopic of career criminals in the drug trade set in the international city of Miami.
Neighborhood friends are enticed by the lore of money and power to sell drugs. The trials and tribulations faced by minorities are comparably different from their nonminority counterparts. For the main character "Kaz" his desire for money and power leads to his detriment as a leader among his childhood friends.
Kaz raised a moral man of standards with southern roots by his parents; has followed all the societal norms of the traditional education and career track realization of the American Dream.
He is sucked in by the South Beach lifestyle and engages in Cocaine cowboy style shootouts throughout the city. As he navigates the climate of the Miami night life which can't be taught in school he confronts the dignity of truth.


Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 120 pages

Publish Date: May 15, 2017