Clean Up Your Credit!: A Black Ops Guide to Credit Repair and Restoration

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Bad things happen to good people. Events not always under our control can often result in our credit scores going down, and sometimes way, way down. There are consumer protection laws that you can use to remove negative items from your credit report. Because of a quirk in the law, you can, as the author did, remove items that really are yours. But if you try to go it alone, the credit repair journey can be a nightmare. This book introduces a step-by-step credit repair system, actual documents the author used to settle suits, and legal cases filed in federal courts against major credit bureaus. These are the credit repair secrets they really don't want to you to know, from someone who successfully challenged the credit reporting industry. Contrary to what you may believe, there is a way to improve your credit score substantially, and this book will help you get there. This book describes How to establish credit How to re-establish credit after bankruptcy to increase your credit score obtain reports and scores  consumer protection laws types of collection agencies how to start a lawsuit in your own