Club 40

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Club 40. Exclusive. Invitation only.John's wife goes to work there as a server when he loses his job. Sheila wears a sexy uniform to serve tables, but there's no touching. It's strict. There are rules.The Gold Room is the specialty of the club, separate from where Sheila works. In there… is the touching and naughtier things. Some customers like married women. A lot. Sheila gets slipped a number. Maybe she should ask for a position in the Gold Room? It's more pay… and also more play.With no other choices to support their family, John is right there behind her supporting her as best he can. The beast inside him hungering for someone to touch her grows ravenous. Another man touching his wife would validate his pride in the beauty he sees in her every day. Bailey got Sheila the job at the club and her husband seems very happy. Bailey even works private parties on the side and encourages Sheila to join her. Surely John can be like Bailey's husband, too?140 Standard Paperback pages of sexy hotwife naughtiness.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 145 pages

Publish Date: December 3, 2018