Credit Repair: Special Edition - Two Books - Learn How To Repair

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Credit Repair - Special Edition - Two BooksDiscover How To DELETE All Negative Items From Your Credit Report!Real dispute letters and templates Included in this special edition of Credit Repair, created from the author\'s real world experience of having to fix and improve his credit report and score using whatever means necessary when it was destroyed by bad debt and student loans. Anyone can improve their credit using the Consumer Laws set up for consumers to protect against creditors and debt collection firms, including law firms.Book One: Credit Score RepairCredit Repair Is Available To Everyone - Roughly 30 percent of all Americans are dealing with a poor credit score and more are falling into the trap of bad credit on a daily basis. This book can show you how much power you really have when it comes to improving your credit report, score and financial situation in as little as a few months\' time. It doesn\'t matter what type of debt you have accrued, the amount or how recently it has happened, there are numerous different ways of removing it from your credit report ASAP, all of which are discussed in detail inside including step by step instructions and even sample letters when applicable. You will find ways for dealing with credit card debt, late payments, liens, and judgements, even foreclosures in the quickest and most effective means possible. While creditors will lead you to believe otherwise, there are actually a wide variety of options available to those who are simply aware of their rights and are willing to fight to work out the best deals for themselves as possible, all of which are discussed in detail inside. Don\'t let creditors push you around or let your credit score languish below 700, be proactive, take control of your financial future today.Inside you will find-A detailed explanation of all three credit reports, their similarities and differences.-The only true way to get all three reports online.-All the laws that you need to know to protect yourself from unscrupulous creditors.-The easiest ways to boost your credit score no matter your past credit history.-A step-by-step process to removing black marks from your credit report no matter the cause.-Credit repair tips for any scenario and any amount owed.-Surefire ways to stop creditors in their tracks.-Tips for maintaining positive credit once you have restored your pristine record.-Identity theft and fraud prevention tips you haven\'t heard a thousand times before.-Cyber Threats And Prevention*************************************************Book Two: Credit Repair LettersReal Life - Real World Credit Repair and Score Increase TacticsIncludes real credit letters and disputes as always.There\'s no need to hire attorneys or credit repair firms. All they do is send out a templated letter anyways, and creditors get those all the time...BIG DEAL. When the actual DEBTOR (You) sends a serious letter...whoa, watch out..Consumer Laws being brandished on the collector/creditor!! They don\'t like that and will do whatever necessary to get rid of you fast, if you reach the right person and say the right things.These proven strategies can work for anyone. This book will show you how to take action and restore or improve your credit.When doing credit want your negative information DELETED, do not settle for any other status. Let\'s face the facts here, without good credit you spend A LOT more money on things like mortgages, car loans, INSURANCE and cell phone plans. Even healthcare can cost a lot more.And let\'s not forget that nowadays employers usually will check your credit to ensure you aren\'t a financial risk to them. If your credit sucks, and it\'s a job you really want, how awful would that be if you get passed over because of your credit score or credit report?

Author Name: Dana Lee
Publisher: Independently published
Publish Date: 5 March 2019
Pages: 229
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 11 ounces
Size: 6 x 0.52 x 9 inches
ISBN Number 978-1798873021
ISBN Number 10: 1798873028
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- Credit Ratings & Repair
- Finance
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