Dirt Track Racings Best Kept Secrets: What the Pros Know But Won

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Aloha, I\'m Kevin Katzenberg and I have something pretty special in store for you. I\'ve taken a slice of what I have learned over the past twenty five years as a mechanic and car builder in the dirt track racing industry and put it inside this easy to read easy to understand book. The focus is mainly the dirt late model and dirt modified race cars, but the general principles I illustrate can be easily supplied to any type of dirt race car or any race car in general. Here is just a little hint of what is inside: Why softening the right front spring will add side bite as well as forward bite to your car. (Chapter 23, page 84) How to determine the amount of wedge you need to bring your car to life. (Chapter 21, page 77) The common misinterpretation about how the panhard bar actually works and how to properly adjust it for your driving style. (Chapter 5, page 28) Why lowering the right side four link (instead of raising them) adds side bite and traction. (Chapter 22, page ) The three core factors which make your car fast ... everything else builds off of these three. (Chapter 1) Real world examples of on track tuning and how to strategize like a winning driver. (Chapter 24) The most overlooked factor on a dirt race car which probably will make the biggest difference in the handling of your car. (Chapter 2) If your getting frustrated with poor or inconsistent results this will be one of the best investments you can make in your racing program. I will not only show you the best way to run your car, but will teach you the foundational principles so you will have the ability to sort your car out on your own. Do any of these apply to you? - Have won features in the past, but struggle to consistantly run up front. - Have come close, but just can\'t find that \"magic\" of your first feature win. - Spend all week working on your car and still go to the track with that little voice in the back of your head telling you something just isn\'t right. If one of these sounds like what you are going through ... this book will set you back on track.