Drawing on Grief: Exploring Loss Through Creativityvolume 1

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Drawing On Grief is a uniquely creative journal and mindful keepsake which draws on the soothing therapeutic power of drawing and creativity to help people navigate the pain of bereavement.

In this moving book of self-help through art therapy, author Kate Sutton draws on her own experiences of losing a loved one to help others on this difficult journey, presenting guided creative prompts as well as memories of her own and quotes from others on the painful topic of loss.

By guiding readers through creative exercises from drawing fond memories together to creating an ocean of tears with colouring pencils, this book helps people visualise the pain they are going through, so as to better understand and navigate their grief.

The book also contains written prompts such as writing a letter to yourself and to your loved one, designed to help people express the difficult emotions which bereavement brings.

Part self-help book, part memoir, Drawing On Grief emphasizes the importance of self-care in the grieving process, allowing people to explore their own feelings through creative mediums, which can often be easier than trying to express feelings directly.

A modern and insightful approach to the pain of lossDrawing On Grief is a sensitive and compassionate guide to help people look after themselves as they traverse one of life’s most challenging moments.

This book is part of the Drawing On... series, a collection of creative guided journals which help readers explore difficult topics including anxiety and grief. Also available is Drawing On Anxiety, a beautifully illustrated interactive journal tapping into self-help, self-care, mental health and creative mindfulness.