Drug King and His Diamond 2: Winner Takes All

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In the dog-eat-dog game of the streets, where survival of the fittest is the ultimate mindset of every player, DIAMOND is hell-bent on holding her own against other players who have come to see ANTONIO\'S incarceration as an opportunity to gain hegemonic control in the street game. But Diamond ain\'t having that!

In the course of making sure her brother\'s fame and fortune do not fade away, Diamond, with the assistance of her right-hand man, Chris, methodically ties up all loose ends as they diversify their business interests.

Before long, DELL realizes that Diamond isn\'t just a pretty face, she\'s a force to be reckoned with, and her gunplay is second to none.

KING has not been himself ever since he lost contact with Diamond, who does all she can to avoid him, but at what cost?

The wicked treachery and the many twists and turns that unfold as THE DRUG KING AND HIS DIAMOND lives play out will take readers on a roller coaster ride of suspense and emotions in this winner takes all battle to the top.