Drug King and His Diamond 3: The World Is Ours

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Faced with drama, deceit and adversity, DIAMOND remains stoic in her quest to prove that she can hold her own in the game against any man, goon or savage. Her unrelenting style rubs some the wrong way, but it leads to the exposure of a traitor amongst her circle. How the Queen Pin deals with disloyalty will determine her fate, because the streets are watching. Will ANTONIO\'S handpicked successor make the right moves to sustain the family\'s stature? Or will A DRUG KING AND HIS DIAMOND wither under the intense pressure being applied by those who are determined to bring them down? Meanwhile, NAVA is scheming to get back into KING\'S good graces, at all cost. Little does she realize that the road to King\'s heart is paved with bullets, trickery and immovable resistance. When the dust settles, whose blood will stain the streets? And whose blood will prove to be indestructible?