Erasing Your Criminal Background Legally

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Today is THE day! How long have the ghosts of your past been haunting you? Why should you pay for the rest of your life for minor indiscretions or momentary lapses in judgment? The fact is you may not have to! Bet you dollars to donuts that the only difference between you and people without a criminal record is the simple fact that you were... Unlucky Enough To Have Been Caught Anyone with a half a brain realizes that we have all made mistakes which the law considers criminal. But here's the good news there are laws in every state and territory in the United States that allow some types of criminal violations to be erased or hidden... FOREVER! Amazingly very few practicing attorneys know about them. That's when I realized that many people needed to know about these remedies and so I decided to research and write "Erasing Your Criminal Background Legally: The Ultimate Guide to Second Chances." If you (or someone you love) has this'd do well to grab this book.

Binding / Paperback: 398 pages

Publish Date: July 18, 2010