F*** My Wife!: Erotic Cuckold Stories from a Real Married Husban

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F*** my Wife! - Erotic Cuckold Stories from a Real Married Husband and Wife into The Swinging Scene is a collection of short stories based on real life events of Mick and Louise, a husband and wife who have been happily married for over six years. When having sex they would often whisper their darkest secrets to each other and Mick who confesses to liking the idea of Louise having sex with other men as he sits back and watches. They join Fabswingers - an adult swinger\'s website and soon fulfill their darkest fantasies, the idea of using other people as sex toys to satisfy their own sexual fantasies. Husband Mick is a voyeur who\'s fantasies come to life when he films his sexy wife Louise having intimate sex with other men and women. He experiences feelings of jealousy and excitement as he watches the women he loves making love to other men and the fact she loves it as much, if not more than him. Join this couple as they become addicted to the sex game of swinging, cheating, threesomes, bi sex and gangbang\'s in this very erotic book on Kindle! ***WARNING this collection of cuckold sex stories is not intended for anyone under eighteen years of age. It contains extreme strong adult language and explicit Hot Sexual Content. Not for the light hearted! Teaser Excerpt: Mick had confessed one drunken night as they made love passionately that he would love to watch another man enjoy his darling wife Louise the way he did, see another man do her good and just sit back and watch. Louise laughed it off as a bizarre form of flattery; until Mick told her he had joined the swinger\'s website - Fabswingers and posted explicit pictures of them both. He received hundreds of responses from horny men wanting to f** his gorgeous wife. Then this one night as they both sat together in front of the television drinking and getting intimate he confessed to Louise he had arranged for someone to join them for some dirty fun. On Fabswingers he had arranged with a guy called Steve, early forties with a lean build, tattoo\'s and a big c** to come to their home for some dirty fun. Louise was shocked at first. She thought that if she was going to be having sex with stranger that she should have at least had a say in who it was.