Floyd Mayweather Mind: Learn The Simple Secrets That Transformed

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An in-depth look at the genius mind of boxing\'s most successful boxer: Floyd Mayweather. Retired with a perfect 50-0 record, Mayweather was a champion at the fresh age of 21. Almost two decades later, he became the only fighter to earn 300 million dollars in one night. In this practical guide, we walk you through Floyd\'s success secrets.
Perfect for aspiring boxers, athletes, ambitious entrepreneurs, and fight fans who would like to learn how to harness their talents.

\'The Floyd Mayweather Mind\' uncovers the rise of the legendary boxer. Many boxing fans know about his successes, but fewer fans know about the struggles he had to overcome in his early life. This book shows how Floyd combined perseverance with strategy to get through challenges and become the most successful boxer in the sport\'s history.

In 1978, Floyd Mayweather was born into poverty and an unstable home. Growing up, 7 of his family members lived in one bedroom. Floyd\'s mother was a drug user and his father was a drug dealer. However, with precocious talent that was honed by his father, Floyd felt that he could use fighting as a way to propel himself to a better life. So he left formal education and pursued a career in the noble art of boxing.
Despite winning multiple championships as a pro, Floyd struggled to find stardom as easy as he found winning world titles. It was years before he was able to fight in big match-ups and earn mega paydays. In his early years, Floyd was heavily criticized, by not just the media, but by his own promotional team. So how did Floyd overcome this to become the first fighter to earn hundreds of millions of dollars?

Floyd Mayweather showed determination that many of the world\'s greatest legends share. He didn\'t give up, he created opportunities for himself and he capitalized on them when he had the chance. There was once a time when boxing-commentators laughed at him for thinking he could become as big as Oscar De La Hoya (his former-rival), but Mayweather smashed through their expectations.

In this book, we break down the formula of Mayweather\'s greatness, like nowhere else you\'ll see. You will learn the steps he took to propel his career. Many fighters have talent, but few are able to harness it the way Mayweather did. And it is fascinating to learn how he did so.

The book consists of four sections. Each section covers the different areas in which Floyd Mayweather faced challenges. The four sections are:

- Championship Characteristics
- Fundamentals of Fighting
- Media and marketing mastery
- Handling Business

The aim of the book is to, not only be entertained by Floyd Mayweather\'s success story, but to also give you keys to your own greatness. By decoding Mayweather\'s secrets to success, you will gain vital knowledge that could be applied to your life and career. As a fight fan, you will be inspired by Floyd\'s rise. You will also understand why he made certain decisions and why he had to adopt a controversial persona.
Many people believe that success is given to those who are chosen by lady luck. But by understanding the map of success, you will set yourself apart. After reading \'The Floyd Mayweather Mind\', you will be energized with a new work ethic, have a better understanding of business and know how to achieve your boxing dreams.