For The Love of a St.Pierre Boy: St. Pierre Boyz Part 4 (The Fin

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The St. Pierre Boyz are back with a vengeance. Of course the leading ladies of their lives are riding shotgun beside them. This time around it\'s chaos at home accompanied with bloodshed in the streets.From the streets of Dallas to the streets of Chicago. The brothers are wreaking havoc on anyone that poses a threat. Just when they rid themselves of those that waged war against them, a new enemy rises. The culprit is closer to them than they think.While Luxe, Sebastian, Judah, and Kilo are out holding court in the streets, Leilani, Dynasty Diamond, and Yetta are building their own business venture. Being the independent women they have always been becomes too much for their significant others. The women have found their voice. The days of folding and submitting is over. Their defiance brings drama and chaos within the family that becomes more than they can handle.Get lost in the pages of this highly anticipated follow up to the Best Selling series the St.Pierre Boyz. This installment will have you on a emotional rollercoaster filled with pain and joy. Find out what these women go through while fighting For The Love of a St.Pierre Boy!

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