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#1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Cornwell takes readers to a place where what you see can\'t be believed in this pulse-punding thriller.

DA Monique Lamont has a special job for Massachusetts state investigator Win Garano. As part of a new public relations campaign about the dangers of declining neighborhoods, Lamont is sending Win to Watertown to come up with a \"drama,\" and she thinks she knows just the case that will serve. Garano is skeptical because he knows that Watertown is also the home base for a loose association of municipal police departments called the FRONT, set up so they aren\'t dependent on the state--much to Lamont\'s anger. Win senses a much deeper agenda--but has no idea just how deep it goes. In the days that follow, he\'ll find Lamont\'s task. and the places it leads him, will resemble a house of mirrors--everywhere he turns, he\'s not quite sure if what he\'s seeing is true.