Girls in Blue

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A badge can give you power, authority, bravery and control, but does it make you off limits? Boundaries and restrictions doesn\'t have a border when Hell Cat steps on the scene. On the streets, she has an arrogant hardcore attitude, which produces the fight now, talk later mentality. When it comes to forbidden and fearless; she does what she wants, because of the badge she wears on her chest. Her police cousins, Jarissa and Renee are also on her team. They know all the scoops from the inside out, but it\'s the arrival of Investigator Cooley that arouses her as he challenges her on every level. He inspires the officer to be more than a vigilante who has the no strings attached theory. However, a decision must be made to either choose honoring the shield she loves, or helping the family who has her back. In the end, can Hell Cat do right by the justice system?