Grateful I'm Not Dead: Recovery Gratitude Journal - 12 Step Prog

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Are you in a 12-step program, another alternative drug abuse program, or know someone who is?

Did you know that \"A Strong Addict Looks Danger In The Eye And Gives It A Wink\"...

This Gratitude Journal with writing prompts and prayer journal can go along therapy or work as a stand alone self discovery and recovery journal.

It is designed to help change your limited self belief into confidence, changing anxiety into self discipline, and changing depression into happines and gratitude.

It also makes a great gift for any recovering alcoholic, addict, and any other drug abuser.

There are 30 pages of journaling with prompts and 100 prayer pages to write in your reflections.

If you write every day which is suggested for best results, this journal gives you 4+ months full of gratefulness prayer & gratitude as a result of your self-reflection and self-discovery.

Each day equals one page to write about a daily prompt that you can pick and that reflects your daily choice or a topic that you are working on a specific day alone or with your therapist.

Prompts do include very positive writing inspirationas like what things made today great, or what amazing things happened that day. The prompts are there to inspire self reflection and self discovery to change a state of limited beliefs, doubts, anxiety, or depression into a state of positive outlook.

The journal is perfect for any AA or NA member or any other type of addict wanting to use the power of pen to paper to change and recover from the terrible problem of alcoholism or any other abuse of drugs or other compulisive behavior.

This paperback journaling notebook is 8\" x 10\".


Daily Gratitude Prompt Journal
30 Daily Gratitude Prompts (for helping people with limited belief, anxiety, and depression change
and become happier and grateful day by day)
100 Prayer Journaling Pages
Makes a great gift idea for any addict who is family or a friend.
8\"x10\" Inches Dimension, 130 Pages
Cover: Soft, Matte
Binding: Perfect binding, non-spiral
Heavy Paper

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