Greater Key of Solomon: The Complete Books I-III

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The Greater Key of Solomon is a 14th century Grimoire written by an anonymous author and is divided in three parts called Books. It contains invocations, conjurations and ways to summon Spirits from the spirit realm as well as the Spirits of Demons and punished souls from Hell. The Grimoire gives theoretical information and step by step practical guidance on an array of topics such as planetary hours, celestial bodies, prayers, ritual preparation, communication with Angels and Spirits, exorcisms, magickal amulets, the preparation and use of ritual equipment and more.Note from the Publisher: The illustrations in this book come from enhanced scans of the original seals. The scans have been painted over by hand using black ink and then re-scanned in order to improve the texture and make the lines and letters more legible, as some of the pages and illustrations of the book have deteriorated due to the manuscript\'s age, and they appear faded or broken. The original manuscript can be found in the British Museum.