Grimoire of Santa Muerte, Vol. 2

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Santa Muerte is rising in popularity. With millions of devotees in Mexico, the U.S., and throughout the world and growing, devotion to Most Holy Death may be the biggest underground spiritual movement in the world. She is denounced by religious and governmental authorities. Yet, everywhere they have failed, she succeeds! This volume takes up where the first one leaves off by providing a deeper exploration of Santa Muerte's vast powers and includes the author's own secrets of working with her. It discusses altars, talismans, and images as generators, accumulators, and transmitters of Santa Muerte's power and how to direct the energy of the altar and its components. It provides potentially life-transforming rituals and prayers to Santa Muerte for transcendent experiences associated with traditional witchcraft. It includes meditations, talismans, prayers, and rituals regarding Santa Muerte's best known offices and powers and: Psychic abilities Divination skills Communication with ancestral and other spirits Energy transference Astral and etheric projection Transmogrification Weather control Santa Muerte is a very potent, primordial spirit of the Underworld whose purpose on earth is to help anyone who asks. She has many offices and aspects and is much more powerful, versatile and reliable than any other saint. Where other saints or spirits fail, Santa Muerte consistently achieves fast, reliable results on behalf of her devoted children, which is why she is so very much loved and venerated by those who have experienced her power. Devotion to Santa Muerte not about faith or belief, it's about your own personal experience with this ancient spirit. Learn more about the lifestyle of the Santa Muerte devotee and gain the knowledge and power to control your own life. Expand your knowledge of the art and occult science of witchcraft. Join the millions who have experienced Santa Muerte's power for themselves!

Author: Sophia diGregorio
Publisher: Winter Tempest Books
Published: July 25, 2016
Pages: 140
Binding Type: Paperback
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Size: 5 x 0.35 x 8 inches
ISBN13: 9780692739099
ISBN10: 0692739092
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- Witchcraft Religion & Spirituality